Envelope grid module

A eurorack module that has many output jacks in a grid. Each emits an envelope. The jacks have relationships between the x and y axis of each. A few knobs at the top allow changing the properties of the envelopes and the amount of difference between them. Name idea for the module is "Post Office."

The concept is that it can be used as a utility, or as a simple swarm-type sequencer. Possibly buttons along the top and left of the jacks would allow locking rows and columns of jacks for more variety in output. The module would self-cycle by default, but would accept a trigger if available.

Properties that could be changed by potentiometer: speed of cycle, length of envelope, time between end and start, envelope shape. The grid of jacks would vary along the x axis with length of envelope and along the y axis with time between end and start. Top left would be fastest and bottom right would be slowest. LEDs would give visual indication of the timing for each jack.